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Direct links to the Business, Books and DSP, Guitars, Effects/Amplifiers sections.

Let's start with Music: Bands, Guitar tabs, Magazines and Radios...

The Bands I listen to and play the most:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------New Metal


A Perfect Circle:

Devin Townsend:

Ashes Divide: 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hard & Heavy 

Them Crooked Vultures:

Porcupine Tree:


Foo Fighters:

Faith No More:

Queens Of The Stone Age:

Stone Temple Pilots:

Pearl Jam:




Alice in chains:

Dream Theater:

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Blues, Acoustic & Rock 

Robben Ford:

The Derek Trucks Band:

Bob Brozman:

Skunk Anansie:

Antonio Forcione:

Days Of The New: 

Chris Cornell:





Peter Gabriel:


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The best Web Sites for downloading good Guitar tabs:


Ultimate guitar tabs archive:

And now... The best Radio:

Virgin Radio:

And... The best Magazine:


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While I was attending the Master in Business Administration, I got more and more interested into Business Strategy Analysis and Organization Theory. I found the following to be the best on-line review about these topics (and much more actually): 

Harvard Business Review:

You shall find papers, reports, management techniques, a lot of very interesting stuff !

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Let's proceed with Books... The links below show you the book shops I prefer for books... history, literature, dictionaries, languages...



You will find details about what I read and the books I suggest in the Interests - Books section.

Now some links about DSP (Digital Signal Processing)... I deeply studied this beautiful topic during the Master in Radiocommunications Engineering and it really became one of my biggest scientific passions.

DSP Group, Inc:

Wikipedia DSP definition:

The following is a link to the best scientific & educational publisher (not only for DSP anyway...):

Prentice Hall:

Suggested books are available in the Interests - Books - DSP and Information Theory section.

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So now we go straight to fun... Guitars.

I play Gibson and Paul Reed Smith. That’s it and I do not know why. I see other “girls” but my PRS Smokeburst McCarty and my Gibson SG are .. WOW. So…


Paul Reed Smith: 

If you really want to play heavy, then my suggestions are:


Music Man:

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Effects section is about the best guitar signal processing manufacturers, not only the ones whose  products I have in my gear... but also the ones producing what I would like to have the most !




Now… Amplifiers... once again mine and my wishes ! All for guitar, understood, right ?!


Mesa Boogie:

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