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This page is about my music gear.

Let us start with my Guitars and the related effects & amplifiers. The Guitar of my dreams is at this link: Gibson Les Paul Florentine with Bigsby. But now let us go back to reality... 

My jewel is a Paul Reed Smith Smokeburst McCarty, here it is !

Here below my historic baby, Gibson SG:

and, finally, my Jackson DXMG:

The gear has two configurations. It starts with a wireless system, AKG WMS 40 Pro, not to have too many cables in the room and to enjoy freedom...

...The signal goes then to my Morley Bad Horsie 2 optical Wah...

...And then one option is to go to my pre-amplifier and multieffect pedal board Boss GT-8...

...Or to my main pre-amplifier and multieffect rack Digitech 1101 (here below, upper side, together with my portable tubes/hex power amplifier Brunetti Rock it 60 + 60 W, lower side, which is perfect to go around playing as its weight is only 3 kg)...

...Which I control with my Digitech Control 2 foot controller.

In both options the signal goes then, when I am home playing,  to my all tubes main power amplifier Brunetti Silver Bullet 60 + 60 W stereo and finally to two 150 W Marshall1912 speakers.

Some suggestions for a good sound and a successful guitar live performance:

- clean sounds volume must be kept definitely lower than distortion sounds volume. While at home it may seem that distortion implies by itself a higher volume than clean, that's wrong ! Distortion means compression. So the distortion sounds need to be pushed up. Clean sounds, on the contrary, will be clearly audible and will have much more presence. So keep them down !

- do not use compressors on the distortion sounds, they are useless and will cause your sound to become less dinamic and hardly understandable. Use compressors only on clean sounds !

- the less distortion the best. My top distortion level is 55/100 and, believe me, it is more than enough.

- slow down: playing fast is impersonal. Feel every single note and stick to it. You can use sudden accelerations, but not a constant, repetitive, boring high speed.

- using Wah: let the guitar signal go there first !

- give a strong signal to the power amplifier. Not less than half the output volume of your pre-amplifier or effects gear.

- use high quality microphones to load the guitar signal into the mixer.

- forget scales, modes and so on. Let your instinct rule. The most important principle is (from "Leave your ego, play the music, love people" by Luther Allison) “Abandon concern for hitting the right note, then.. Hit the right note”. It works, believe me.

Other very important principles:

"Better to be present with a bad note than absent from a good note"

"Any fool can play something difficult"

“Playing fast is easier than playing slow”

"Music is the cup which holds the wine of silence. Sound is that cup, but empty. Noise is that cup, but broken"

"Even genius requires a competent technique"

"If you wish to know, breath the air around someone who knows"

"Efficiency: the right amount of the right quality of energy, in the right place at the right time, doing what is right"

"Perfection is impossible, but I may choose to serve perfection"

"Silence is not silent"

"When stuck, increase the complexity"

"Discipline is not an end in itself, only a mean to an end"

"Everything we are is revealed in our playing"

"Music changes when people hear it"

"May we trust the inexpressible benevolence of the creative impulse"

"It is not asked of us that we never fall over. It is asked of us that we always get up"

"Offer no violence"

"Act in accordance with time, place and persons"

"Music so wishes to be heard that it calls on some to give it voice and some to give it ears"

"Define the aim simply, clearly, briefly, positively"

"Music is silence, singing"

"Rely on what someone does, not what they claim to do"

"Silence is the field of creative musical intelligence that dwells in the space between the notes, and holds them in place"

"The right thing at the wrong time is wrong, the wrong thing at the right time may be right, the right thing at the right time is beautiful"

"Discipline is a vehicle for joy"

"Anything within a performance is significant, whether intentional or not"

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I also play Drums, here is my Yamaha DTXpress IV Special Edition: 

in the below picture some of the pads...

Hereafter the signal processor, in other words the "brain" of the electronic Drums:

and, finally, this is the active speaker I use to amplify the Drums: Medeli AP30.


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