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I enjoy reading very much. The main topics I am interested in are History, Management and Economics, DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and Information Theory, Science and Philosophy. I shall list hereafter the best books I have ever read on these subjects.

Let's start with History:

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Russian History

Pipes - "The Russian Revolution"

Pipes - "Russia Under The Bolshevik Regime"

Service - "A History Of Twentieth-Century Russia"

Service - "Lenin"

Carrère D'Encausse - "Lenin"

Benvenuti - "Storia Della Russia Contemporanea"

Heller / Nekric - "USSR History - 1917 to Eltsin"

Conquest - "The Great Terror"

Conquest - "Stalin"

Service - "Stalin"

Ulam - "Stalin"

Sebag Montefiore - "Young Stalin"

Courtois / Werth / Panné / Paczkowski / Bartosek / Margolin - “Le Livre Noir Du Communisme”

Knight - “Beria. Stalin's First Lieutenant”

Mammarella - “Da Yalta Alla Perestrojka”

Figes - “The Whisperers”

Dornberg - “Breznev”

Benvenuti - “La Russia Dopo L'Urss”

Graziosi - “L'Urss Di Lenin E Stalin”

Graziosi - “L'Urss Dal Trionfo Al Degrado”

Sebag Montefiore - "The Court Of The Red Tsar"

Brackman - "The Secret File Of Joseph Stalin"

Pipes - "The Unknown Lenin"

Service - "Lenin: A Political Life vol. 1: The Strengths Of Contradiction"

Service - "Lenin: A Political Life vol. 2: Worlds In Collision"

Service - "Lenin: A Political Life vol. 3: The Iron Ring"

Latest addition:

Overy - "Russia's War"

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------German History

Fest - “Hitler - Eine Biographie”

Fest - “Der Untergang”

Evans - “The Coming Of The Third Reich”

Levanda - “Unholy Alliance”

Fischer - “Nazi Germany”

Rosenbaum - “Explaining Hitler”

Rauschning - “Gesprache Mit Hitler”

Gallo - “La Nuit Des Longs Couteaux”

Fraser - “Knight's Cross”

Genna - "Hitler"

Evans - "The Third Reich In Power"

Latest additions:

Irving - "Hitler's War Millennium Edition"

Shirer - "The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich"

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Italian History

Montanelli / Cervi - “L’Italia Del Novecento”


Montanelli / Cervi - “L’Italia Del Millennio”


Romano - “Storia D’Italia Dal Risorgimento Ai Nostri Giorni”


Tompkins - “Dalle Carte Segrete Del Duce”


Petacco - “Riservato Per Il Duce”


Bosworth - “Mussolini”


De Felice - "Breve Storia Del Fascismo"

Milza - "Les Derniers Jours De Mussolini"

Mussolini - "Diario - 1935"

Mussolini - "Diario - 1939"

Petacci - "Verso Il Disastro - Diari 1939 / 1940"

Meldi - "La Repubblica Di Salò"

Zizzo - "Mussolini"

De Felice - "Mussolini Il Rivoluzionario"

De Felice - "Mussolini Il Fascista - La Conquista Del Potere"

De Felice - "Mussolini Il Fascista - L'Organizzazione Dello Stato Fascista"

De Felice - "Mussolini Il Duce - Gli Anni Del Consenso"

De Felice - "Mussolini Il Duce - Lo Stato Totalitario"

De Felice - "Mussolini L'Alleato - Dalla Guerra Breve Alla Guerra Lunga"

De Felice - "Mussolini L'Alleato - Crisi E Agonia Del Regime"

De Felice - "Mussolini L'Alleato - La Guerra Civile"

Latest additions:

Salvatorelli / Mira - "Storia D'Italia Nel Periodo Fascista"

Mussolini - "Diario - 1936"

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------American History

Jones - “The Limits Of Liberty - American History 1607 - 1980”

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chinese History

Chang / Halliday - “Mao, The Unknown History”

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------World History


Gilbert - “First World War”

Liddell Hart - “History Of The Second World War”

Rhodes - “The Making Of The Atomic Bomb” 

Conquest - “Reflections On Ravaged Century”

Budiansky - “Battle Of Wits”

Biagi - “Addio A Questi Mondi”

Romano - “I Luoghi Della Storia”

Gonin / Guez - “La Chute Du Mur"

Last addition:

Arendt - "The Origins Of Totalitarianism"

Stevenson - "1914-1918 The History Of The First World War"

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now… Management and Economics:  

Porter - "Competitive Advantage"


Mintzberg - "Structure In Fives. Designing Effective Organizations"


Daft - “Organization Theory And Design”


Grant - "Contemporary Strategy Analysis" 


Grant - “Cases To Accompany Contemporary Strategy Analysis”


Silvi - "Analisi Di Bilancio: La Prospettiva Manageriale"


Brealey / Myers / Allen - "Corporate Finance"


Antony / Hawkins / Merchant - "Accounting: Text And Cases" 


Turban / Leidner / McLean / Wetherbe - "Information Technology For Management" 


Tosi / Pilati - "Organizational Behaviour"


Bagozzi - "Marketing Management"


Kaplan / Norton - "Strategy Maps"


Chase / Jacobs / Aquilano - "Operations Management For Competitive Advantage"


Kaplan / Norton - "The Balanced Scorecard"


Kaplan / Norton - "Alignment"


Parmenter - "Key Performance Indicators"


Cowell - "Microeconomics: Principles And Analysis"


Latouche - "Le Pari De La Décroissance"


Dolan / Simon - "Power Pricing"


Hall / Lieberman - "Macroeconomics"


Blanchard / Amighini / Giavazzi - "Macroeconomics: A European Perspective"


Romer - "Advanced Macroeconomics"


Barro / Sala-i-Martin - "Economic Growth"

Verbeek - "A Guide To Modern Econometrics"

Wooldridge - "Introductory Econometrics - A Modern Approach"

Besanko / Braeutigam - "Microeconomics"

Besanko / Braeutigam - "Microeconomics Study Guide"

Findlay - "Study Guide For Macroeconomics"

Mills - "Time Series Techniques For Economists"

Krugman - "Economics"

Mas-Colell - "Microeconomic Theory"

Vietor - "How Countries Compete"


Baum - "An Introduction To Modern Econometrics Using Stata"


Mitchell - "A Visual Guide To Stata Graphics"

Sachs - "The Price Of Civilisation - Reawakening American Virtue And Prosperity"

Keynes - "A Treatise On Probability"

Keynes - "The General Theory Of Employment, Interest And Money"

Keynes - "The Economic Consequences Of The Peace"

Smith - "The Wealth Of Nations"

Smith - The Theory Of Moral Sentiments"

Ricardo - "On The Principles Of Political Economy, and Taxation"

Walras - "Elements Of Pure Economics"

Artoni - "Elementi Di Scienza Delle Finanze"

Malthus - "An Essay On The Principle Of Population"

Screpanti / Zamagni - "Profilo Di Storia Del Pensiero Economico - Dalle Origini A Keynes"

Screpanti / Zamagni - "Profilo Di Storia Del Pensiero Economico - Gli Sviluppi Contemporanei"

Marx - "Das Kapital"

Knode - "Statistics For Social Data Analysis"

Latest additions:

Fusaro - "Bentornato Marx: Rinascita Di Un Pensiero Rivoluzionario"

Fusaro - "Bentornato Marx: Le (Disavventure) Di Un Pensiero Rivoluzionario"

Lavoie / Stockhammer - "Wage-led Growth"

Ilmanen / "Expected Returns""

Mankiw / "Macroeconomics"

Ruggles / Ruggles - "National Accounting And Economic Policy"

Sinn - "The Euro Trap"

Weeks - "Economics Of The 1%"

Stridsman - "Trading Systems And Money Management"

Piketty - "Capital In The Tweny-First Century"

Hull - "Options, Futures And Other Derivatives"

Cochrane - "Asset Pricing"

Campbell - "The Econometrics Of Financial Markets"

Baxter - "Financial Calculus"

Elton - "Modern Portfolio Theory And Investment Analysis"

Stock / Watson - "Introduction To Econometrics"

Tirole - "The Theory Of Corporate Finance"

Saunders - "Financial Markets And Institutions"

Woodford - "Interest And Prices"

Walsh - "Monetary Thoery And Policy"

McCandless - "The ABCs Of RBCs"

Blanchard / Fischer - "Lectures On Macroeconomics

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now some "heavy" but beautiful stuff: Digital Signal processing, or DSP and Information Theory:

Oppenheim / Willsky / Nawab - “Signals And Systems”

Oppenheim / Shafer / Buck - “Discrete-Time Signal Processing”

Parks / Burrus - “Digital Filter Design”

Lutovac / Tosic / Evans - “Filter Design For Signal Processing Using Matlab And Mathematica”

Brigham - “The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) And Its Applications”

Karu - “Signals And Systems Made Ridiculously Simple”

MacKay - “Information Theory, Inference And Learning Algorithms” 

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...and now the final section ! To start, let's take a look at Science and Philosophy...:

Hofstadter - “Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid”

Casti / DePauli - “Godel”

Goldstein - “Incompleteness. The Proof And Paradox Of Kurt Godel”


Yourgrau - "A World Without Time. The Forgotten Legacy Of Godel And Einstein"


Isaacson - "Einstein"


Giuliano Toraldo di Francia - "Un Universo Troppo Semplice"


Weinberg - "Dreams Of A Final Theory"


Seifer - "The Life And Times Of Nikola Tesla"


Wheen - "Marx"


Nietzsche - "Ecce Homo. Wie Man Wird, Was Man Ist"


Nietzsche - "Also Sprach Zarathustra"


Safranski - "Nietzsche"


Russell - "History of Western Philosophy And Its Connection With Political and Social Circumstances From The Earliest Times To The Present Day"


Kant - "Kritik Der Reinen Vernunft"


Mahon - "The Man Who Changed Everything: The Life Of James Clerk Maxwell"


Gleick - "Isaac Newton"


Davies - "About Time"


Hofstadter - “I Am A Strange Loop"


Constant - "De La Liberté Des Anciens Comparée A' Celle Des Modernes"


Voltaire - "Traité Sur La Tolérance"


Russell - "Authority And The Individual"


Rousseau - "Du Contract Social, Ou Principed Du Droit Politique""


Montesquieu - "Pensée"

Hugo - "Le Dernier Jour D'Un Condamné"

Rosselli - "Socialismo Liberale"

Milton - "Areopagitica"

Arendt - "The Human Condition"


Last additions:

Hillman - "Betrayial"

Hillman - "Senex And Puer: An Aspect Of The Historical And Psychological Present"

Hillman - "Kinds Of Power"

...and, to conclude, just a glance at Literature: since I am particularly devoted to Russian Literature, whose original book titles are pretty difficult to write, I shall simply list my preferred authors (not only russian by the way):

Solzenicyn, Puskin, Tolstoj, Turgenev, Ostrovskij, Bulgakov, Dostoevskij, Pasternak, Goncarov, Gogol, Stendhal, Baudelaire, Camus, Stevenson, Hesse, Goethe, Nietzsche, Kafka, Machiavelli and Pirandello.

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